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Optam Building Group specialises in designing and constructing energy efficient homes. We have more than 30 years of building expertise and have specialised in sustainable housing for over 15 years. Our experience enables us to identify any issues before they happen, ensuring you a hasslefree building experience. 

When you build with Optam you have an award winning builder working on your dream home. Our work in sustainable housing has been recognised with many awards, from our first Queensland Master Builders Award for Energy Efficiency in 1997 – long before it was popular to advertise green-eco credentials -- through to our multiple industry awards over the years in many different categories. Optam has twice won the Queensland Master Builders state award for individual homes. We give you peace of mind knowing that all our contractors are selected based on specialist experience, reliability and expertise. Our highly skilled team understands what it takes to build energy efficient homes to suit your individual needs. 

Your dream home is our inspiration. We will be there with you to create your home every step of the way.


  • Our Mission

To provide affordable, architect designed, zero energy homes to add ongoing value for our clients through improved comfort and reduced running costs.

 The Energy Efficient Lifestyle

Energy efficient homes have many names like Net Zero Energy homes and sustainable homes, but the goal is the same – reduce energy usage. Net Zero Energy homes are connected to power and gas but are highly energy efficient in their design, producing more energy than is required for comfortable living from solar panel installation. We are passionate about zero energy homes and know they offer the best solutions in healthy, comfortable and cost effective living. Here are just some of the reasons why:


Our designs will increase liveability through built-in climate control, taking advantage of cooling breezes or providing insulation from the extremes.

2. Health

We use improved low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints to reduce odours and improve the conditions for allergy sufferers with chemical sensitivities.

3. Value

Through our built-in reduced energy features you can actually be paid for your input to the grid without any major lifestyle changes.

4. Cost effective

Our innovative designs using a site-specific layout means less maintenance and more value for dollar than an off the shelf project home.

5. Resale

All major real estate agents agree that well designed energy efficient homes exceed standard homes in capital growth, attract a larger audience of informed buyers and generally return a 5-10% premium at sale.

6. Environment

We don’t own the earth but are custodians of it for our children. Every small thing we do to reduce carbon is a step in the right direction.

Our Energy Efficient Home Commitment

Optam Building Group is a synergy of likeminded professionals dedicated to designing and constructing energy efficient homes, but more importantly to promote ecologically sustainable development principles in the Australian residential construction industry. Our designs and documentation are provided by some of Australia’s leading environmentally aware architects and all designs are certified site-specific to maximise the solar orientation and building envelope benefits, along with the requirements of each climatic region. We provide advice and information for every step of the building process, from the purchase of land through to final landscaping requirements, making the journey into your new home a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Each stage is overseen by building professionals with many years of on-site expertise. Optam Building Group can complete your home from concept through to design, development approvals, selections, full construction, champagne handover and ongoing support, creating an association which will take us to other projects you are involved with for lifestyle and investment purposes.

Choosing ‘How Green”

Choosing ‘how green’ is up to each individual. We offer three great green packages:

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