Property Development is a Community Service


Recently I bought a second hand mower from a retired widower and upon entering his garage I could not help but notice 15 – 20 bicycles of varied styles and states of repair neatly lined up.

The sprightly pensioner explained that, to fill his days he collects discarded bicycles and restores them to offer back to the public for the price of parts as a service to the community.

This event helped me appreciate that developing property is also a community service, regardless of the detractors and ‘NIMBY’ objectors by way of offering the public a recycled and improved product.

When it is done well, in the correct location and for all the right reasons such as gentrification, well designed developments can add character, a sense of place and often immense value to a community.

Property development draws a negative reaction from some minority parties but inevitably a good development must correlate to market demand otherwise the end product will not sell and sometimes the old ways do not complement our ever-changing world.

As towns and cities grow and evolve, changes are required to help adapt and make better use of particular areas to better suit the residents on a broader scale, in line with a bigger picture and future demand. Infill housing and small lot developments allow higher density living in town centres and growth areas identified in draft town planning schemes. These plans are put in place after extensive community consultation and if innovative minds capitalise on opportunities created by changes in town planning requirements or zoning laws they should be applauded. New member for Fairfax Clive Palmer used property development on the Gold Coast to create 40 million before he moved into mining ventures and now that he is expounding an interest in the Sunshine Coasts burgeoning economy we can assume Clive now appreciates a sustainable approach.

Modern sustainable construction has changed significantly from the extreme environmentalist use of recycled tyres, thatching and composting toilets to enable the building of designer homes and units worthy of our finest suburbs.

Due to passive design techniques and innovative new building materials, modern eco-homes blend street appeal with the impressive ability to be classed as net-zero energy super homes or what I call “bullet proof investments”.

Many business owners choose property investment and development as a wealth creation vehicle for retirement, allowing them to reduce time at work and enjoy life sooner.

The more successful take it up full time as they enjoy the hunt for a bargain along with the risk and reward benefits of being masters of their own destiny.

Opportunity abounds for those who are prepared and a major part of the prep will be to gather a team of trusted professional partners with the skills and experience to complement your own because with proper research the rewards are satisfying in more ways than one.

Never be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life, then together, we can make this world a better place.