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Future Proofing Your New Custom Designed Home with Battery Storage and Electric Car Chargers

Our clients build new homes with Optam for many reasons including to raise a family, as an investment to resell or even just to create the perfect retirement sanctuary to enjoy their Golden Years on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. If you are thinking about building a custom designed home, have you considered whether or not it will meet your needs 5 to 10 years into the future? Before you sign off on the designs for your new luxury home or undertake a major renovation, it may be wise to ensure your home is ready for all the exciting changes the future holds. Sustainability and adaptability are extremely important concepts to future-proof your newly built home and the latest green technologies offer solutions to some of the latest challenges.

Battery Storage to Capture Excess Solar Energy

Battery storage is becoming more popular in Sunshine Coast homes with many locals taking advantage of the plentiful sunshine to capture excess energy from their solar panels. When you install good quality batteries in your new designer home, you’ll be able to store the electricity generated during the daytime to be used at the peak demand time of early evening when more lights and appliances are being used for cooking and entertainment purposes. This allows you to use stored energy even when the sun is not shining and furthermore, you’ll be able to sell back power to the grid using a virtual power plant setup.

There are many benefits to installing a home battery storage system including:

  • Save more money using your existing solar system
  • Store extra energy from your solar panels
  • Get free energy even after the sun goes down
  • Have a backup power supply during a blackout and keep the lights on
  • Join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to sell power back to the grid and make money!

The future of battery storage certainly holds exciting things with the promises of environmentally-friendly energy and the ability to make money from the excess power generated by your home with very little effort. To discuss the best methods to future proof your home, please get in touch with the Sunshine Coast’s best custom home builders today by calling (07) 5443 3780 or emailing admin@optam.com.au.

Get Ready for the Electric Car Revolution

With many people on the Sunshine Coast already investing in electric vehicles (EVs), adding batteries now will also help you future proof your home in terms of the coming changes to the way we get around. With the premium batteries installed in the custom homes designed by Optam, you’ll be able to add charge to your EV batteries quickly with minimal fuss. With a full charge your electric vehicle can travel hundreds of kilometres for a fraction of the cost of a full tank of petrol. By installing a home battery system in your Sunshine Coast property, you’ll not only be doing the right thing by the environment, you’ll also save a substantial amount of money on fuel expenses. And with the price of petrol expected to continue its upwards trend, the savings you could make in the not too distant future by charging your electric vehicle at home will be huge!

The design stage of your major renovation or new custom build is the best time to think about the best way to future proof your home. When considering building your new home on the Sunshine Coast, it makes sense to consider the need to park and charge an electric vehicle. To get ready for EV charging needs, Optam Building Group can help ensure your home wiring and other electrical equipment will last over the long term and be suitable for the coming future of transport. During the design stage of your new custom home, we can help you choose the best grid connection and ensure all planned wiring and your switchboard can adequately accommodate an electric vehicle charger. We can also back-up the main circuits in your new home so you’ll enjoy a constant supply of power to charge your EV and have guaranteed power for your lights, internet, fridge and air conditioning. You’ll essentially be able to survive off-grid using the power stored in your batteries for days. By getting ready now, you’ll enjoy early mover advantages for when you purchase an EV. You’ll also be setup to enjoy a more economical way to get around whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. In fact, by charging your car at home, you’ll enjoy a much lower cents per kilometre expense than traditional petrol vehicles.

With the Australian government forecasting battery-electric vehicles to represent 30 per cent of new car sales by 2030, now is the time to get ready for your home EV charging needs. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common and many Sunshine Coast residents are considering an EV for their next purchase. The ability to charge your new car for free using solar power stored in your home battery is definitely a major concern when building a new home.

Although, a normal household powerpoint can be used to charge your electric vehicle, this isn’t the most efficient method as it’s quite slow. Additionally, if your new home doesn’t have the correct wiring installed, circuits can become overheated. The best option is to include an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) charging port in the design of your new home. These ports give a much faster charge. Optam Building Group can even help you install a three-phase electricity system in your custom designed home that can recharge an EV even quicker. The good news is that when designing a new home, it’s often lot cheaper to work three-phase power system into the build than on an existing home. To future proof your home, speak to the professional builders at Optam.

Future Proof Your Home With Optam Today

With Optam Building Group by your side, you’ll enjoy construction knowledge gained over 3 decades in the industry. When designing your new home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, we’ll ensure your battery system operates at maximum efficiency and is ready for the coming electric transport revolution. Enjoy the benefits of battery storage now and EV charging well into the future with a custom home designed by Optam. Please contact us for your free discovery consultation today by calling (07) 5443 3780 or emailing admin@optam.com.au.

  • February 16, 2022